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Our Maggi and Noodles fun with the paper to grow there tail as they think with long tails they can look more pretty.... 🙂

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Babu's love is unconditional the way these little angeles care none of the human beings can do. :O

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Our Chippu a singer by birth...He think there is somebody more handsome infront of him so he started singing for his own mirror image... 🙂

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Rafi and Raftar's mesmerised dance will bring a smile on your face...
They are the new addition to our family .....

I Welcome You All To Our Family

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Say Yes To Wings

All they ask for is freedom , say YES to wings and NO to harm any animals.


Some behaviour of Cockateils which will help you to understand them more closely

The Cockatiel 
Alarm Call: "Consideration! Consideration!"

A pet cockatiel may sound a caution call if something surprises it. This call is a stronger, more extreme tweet that proceeds until the fledgling quiets down. Pretty much any abrupt sound or development, for example, a truck thundering down the road, a crow flying past the window, or a canine being strolled on the walkway outside, can bring about an alert call. Inside the home, there are significantly more sights and sounds your cockatiel may want to vocally remark on, for example, when you get a seat across the room, clear the floor, drop a dish, or the telephone rings.

The Cockatiel 
"Disregard Me!" Noise

An unsettled cockatiel will have an uneasy look — the plumes will be held firmly in — and it may likewise let out a snappy murmur to show its contempt. One sound you would prefer not to get with your cockatiel is “murmuring.” A cockatiel that feels undermined may withdraw to a side of its enclosure or travel transporter and murmur like a snake. This is here and there the case with cockatiels that are not used to cooperating with individuals, for example, an unsocialized cockatiel being brought from the pet store into another home. It is particularly essential to not power collaboration if the cockatiel is scared. All things being equal, permit the cockatiel time to change in accordance with its new climate.


Cockatiel "Prepared 
For Bed" Signal

A cockatiel may convey a sleep time call, for example, some eye catching peeps, when it is prepared for some shuteye. It is your cockatiel’s method of reminding you to head to sleep, as well.


Cockatiel Inquisitive 

A cockatiel that is uncertain of something may radiate a solitary “What was that?” peep, as though it isn’t exactly certain what to think about the circumstance. This may be your cockatiel’s method of asking, “What’s your opinion about that sound?”


Talking 'Tiels

Like most parrots, cockatiels are additionally equipped for talking. A cockatiel’s jargon is for the most part not as broad as different parrots, for example, African grays and Amazon parrots, however some can be educated to state a couple of words or expressions, for example, “Hi,” “Pretty winged creature,” “I’m a decent fowl,” and so on Male cockatiels are more disposed to talk than females. The way to getting a cockatiel to talk is to rehash a particular word or expression and afterward proceeding onward to another word/expression once it aces it.

Your cockatiel expresses to speak with you. Similarly as you would verify why the canine is yelping, you ought to likewise verify why your cockatiel is cackling, particularly in the event that it sounds earnest. Is there a feline external the window? Accomplished something fall close to its pen? Also, if your cockatiel is without help from anyone else in another room, its peeps may be its method of reminding you, “Hello, I’m here … converse with me!”


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Do You Know When cockatiel's are happy?

The sound of mouth granulating is an indication that a cockatiel is cheerful and loose. This is regularly joined by facial plumes that are fanned out over its mouth and loose, cushioned body quills. A drowsy cockatiel may crush its nose in a matter of 
seconds prior to nodding off.

Do You Know What All Cockatiel's like the most?

Cockatiels love to eat Coriander leaf yes Coriander leaf they love them ,also boiled Sweetcorn, Sunflower seeds, Calcium bones, fruits like apple, mango, and sprouts.


Rescue Of Chippu Our Handsome Hunk

First of all i wanted to let every one know He is such a adorable kiddo. We first time found chippu at our roof and found him not able to fly properly afterwards we took him to a vet treated him later the way he started flying was seriously a magic. But one day because of my mistake as i came from outside i opened the window to enter into the house at the same time he tried getting out and we all thought now we wont able to see him again but still i had a hope that i will see him i went upstairs at the roof and started calling his name "Chippu" suddenly i saw many eagle where behind him and those eagle attacked him and pulled all his tail feather which made him falls inside the park behind our apartment and suddenly i heard him screaming inside park i ran to him what i saw was very terrible "All street dogs there were around five dogs who were going to harm him still he was fighting for his survival he loudly screamed against all of them and when he saw me the way he looked as if "Now i will be ok as my mom came for my rescue. My poor baby infront of all those dogs he was playing the role of a Marvel Hero,as like a super man he just defeated everyone with his loud voice. Then i took him to the vet and by that time he was very silent and got fright also because of which he was not making any sound also but after reaching home when he saw others he got little relaxed. Still he was looking into his tail seeing those tails very short still he was not sad as he is a fighter but tragedy were yet to come ..The same day at night he was having breathing issue as like human being when have breathing problem same i felt for him also and by hearing him breathe like that my mom for the complete night she made him feel warm ad i dont know how she took care of him again next morning he got completely good. And from that day till today our Chippu now has the longest tail than our all other pets. Now he showcase everybody his long wagging tail. 🙂