A gained Trust

This is Picha, a lovely  chipmunk who was found all alone ,but he trusted me more than anything and made me feel as if i am his mom. 

The story of how I met Pichu

I will never forget the day when my dad brought a tiny little beautiful creature into our house.It was a very hot scrotching day when Pichu was found lying down near my father's bike when he was returning from work.My dad brought him home to us.At first glance I thought it was a mice's baby but later I realised it was a little squirrel.Pichu's eyes haven't even opened properly.He was shivering and I knew I had to do something quick to save him.My father and I first cleaned him and then covered him in a small piece of warm cloth and within few days slowly his eyes started to open and that moment my happiness knew no bounds.We started feeding him baby food diluted along with water and as he started growing,our bond of love also started getting stronger.I had to go to work but I waited each day for the moment to get back home and see pichu.He too would also kept waiting and peeked out of his tiny little wooden box which we had made for him as his home.I knew that he belonged to the wild and soon one day would come when he will have to leave us and stay with other beings like him and just like that one day after having his day time snacks like carrots and melons,while he was sitting on the palm of my hand and we were sitting on our porch,he started climbing down my hands and moved slowly towards the gate,but before that he once again rushed towards my hands,sat there for a few minutes and then left.I knew that was his way of saying a final goodbye.Its been months since he left but he still is and always will have a huge piece of my heart along with him always.I guess this is what true undying bond of love is.I miss him alot but I'm happy thinking that he will be more happy in the wild along with his other little friends.

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Have A Look to the small memories I have Of Him

                                 On May 5th 2018 when we met our chipmunk Pichu

I was very much happy as well as in little tension of how to raise a squirrel whom I never raised in my whole life, but I was known that there is a responsibility I have got now on my shoulder to raise him and I will for sure try my level best. When our dad bought him the very first moment captured by me was his pleasant eyes and how calmly he was sleeping and I was so tensed that should I touch him, is it ok for him or not, either he will be comfortable with me or not, Ahaa that moment was overwhelming for me. 🙂